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The Story

I'm Lola, Founder, Designer and Creative Director of Lola's Philosophy. LP was born out of an opportunity to take a risk and strike out into something I enjoyed and am deeply passionate about: personal wellbeing. Growing up, I was surrounded by tinctures, supplements, a wide variety of foods, creams, lotions, potions and balms, thanks to my mom. She instilled a deep love and appreciation of raw, natural ingredients. 


Even when Lola's Philosophy was just a vision, I knew that I wanted to put into each product the same passion, care, and determination my mom had put into her homemade recipes all those years ago. Which is why each and every product and ingredient is carefully curated, every recipe, painstakingly created, designed and packaged for the best possible experience for our customers.


Our goal is to provide sustainable, holistic, and natural health and beauty products that will transform your daily routine. Evolutionarily, natural products are often best for us. However, we also believe that science and medicine have an important place in our lives, and aim to strike a fine balance between natural and chemical worlds, using the insight modern science affords us to strengthen and enhance our understanding of nature and its benefits. 


Lola's Philosophy is a burgeoning business, aiming to change the trajectory of the natural beauty industry, and it starts with you. We appreciate every single customer, visitor and supporter - you are the fuel Lola's Philosophy runs on and we couldn't do it without you - thank you.

Till next time!

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