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Scientific Name: Aloe barbadensis miller

Source(s): Aloe Vera plant

Origin: Africa, Middle East & some Indian Ocean islands

Melting Point: 24º C

Color : off-white/ivory

Odour : odourless

Shelf Life : 1 Year

Main Qualities:

  • Over 70 active nutrients

  • Cools and nourishes skin

  • Treats hair loss, encourages growth

  • Anti-inflammatory, treats itchy and irritated skin and scalp

  • Rich nutrient profile

  • Strengthens and repairs hair 

  • Ideal on oily hair and scalp

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Aloe is another Ayurvedic plant known for its anti-aging and rejuvenating qualities. It is believed to have many benefits including digestion and immunity support, healing burns, breast pain relief and overall health and wellness. Aloe is also a great natural cleanser: it removes excess sebum and regulate oil in skin, making it ideal for oily skin and hair. It contains over 70 active nutrients including vitamins A, B12, C, E, folic acid and collagen. A, C and E improve cell turnover and growth while folic acid and B12 reduce hair loss. Its high water content also lends a hand to its hydrating qualities

Aloe butter can be made mixing aloe gel and shea butter, however, our aloe butter is a mix of coconut oil and aloe leaf extract. Since coconut oil is cold-pressed, it is solid at room temperature, but has a low melting point, making it the ideal carrier oil to properly deliver aloe's beneficial nutrients directly into your body. Coconut oil also protects our hair, nails, skin and teeth and boasts antimicrobial qualities. Aloe butter's simple ingredients and soothing qualities make it ideal for sensitive and growing skin.

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