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Body butters are natural, emollient compounds that are generally thicker than most lotions or creams. They are often derived from various forms of seeds, kernels, pods or some other derivative of plants and herbs.

Body butters are often best in their raw, unrefined forms, however, since they are unprocessed, they often have varying colours and an often strong natural scent, depending on the butter, which can be unsuitable or undesirable for some cosmetic recipes. Deodorized, bleached, and refined versions exist to allow for odourless and near-colourless versions, however some refining processes use high heat which can diminish a butter's natural benefits. 

While raw butters are more nutrient-rich, their refined counterparts are more versatile, allowing for consistency in recipes and application. At LP, both have their uses and benefits and are uniquely tailored to each recipe to deliver the best overall quality.

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